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Vives Eaux inspires chefs to try something different with fish and seafood

  • 17 October 2018
  • 5min

Vives Eaux inspires chefs to try something different with fish and seafood

A leading name in seafood, the group provides a wide range of fish and shellfish for restaurants and catering professionals.

Vives Eaux has been present all along the French coastline for some 25 years and deals with fishermen at all of France’s fish markets on a daily basis. Its strength lies in its ability to meet the needs of all catering professionals both in France and abroad, due to the way it has been set up. For the company, autumn marks the return of an increase in business. “We are entering the scallop, squid, cuttlefish, sea bass and gilthead bream season, not to mention the sole which will start to arrive with the onslaught of winter”, explains Dominique Sire, Business Development Manager at Vives Eaux.

Species that are making a comeback in restaurants

Horse mackerel, red gurnard and pout are all increasingly popular

But other species found in French waters could also find their way onto the plates of French diners at this time of year such as horse mackerel, red gurnard or pout. “These are all low-priced products that the public don’t know much about. It’s a real shame because they are often packed off abroad or are used in soup when you can do really great things with them.”

The Vives Eaux representative also adds: “Their names can sometimes be a bit of a turnoff but they really are excellent products that restaurants could use to create a good name for themselves and jostle for position as a fish and seafood specialist ! Consumers would need to be educated, for sure, but some of the great and well-known chefs could test them out in order to launch recipes that are out of the ordinary.”

Fish that is cut, boned and filleted

Better meeting the needs of a new type of clientele

In addition to providing the inspiration for culinary professionals, Vives Eaux also invites them to check out how they work. The group also offers bespoke site tours, upon request, and sometimes even takes clients out to sea to meet the fishermen.

“We are also working on a more detailed offer to match customer expectations. We are constantly being asked to work on the fish itself, to cut it up, divide it up into portions and remove the bones etc. We also sell vacuum-packed or frozen products which enables us to reach out to a new type of clientele, those who simply don’t have time or don’t know how to prepare fish. This means that we are optimising our expertise which in turn helps us to improve our skills in-house.”

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